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Problems faced by Industries
Features & Demos of 17 CRMs

Automotive CRM

  • Businesses in the Automotive Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Car Showrooms
    • Businesses / agents selling Insurance for bikes, cars & Carrier Goods Vehicles (CGV)
    • Carrier Goods Vehicle (CGV) Showrooms
    • Bike Showrooms
    • Companies providing loans for Car, Bike & Carrier Goods Vehicles (CGV)
    • Other businesses in the Automotive industry

    Does your Automotive business face these problems?

    • Setting sales targets for showrooms & sales executives
    • Monitoring sales performance of multiple showrooms & sales people
    • Tracking, managing and servicing leads
    • Irregular lead follow-ups
    • Converting leads to clients is long, too complex and unfavourable
    • Not knowing your automotive business performance in real-time
    • Inability to strategize concrete plans
    • Scattered data and lack of access to client information

    5 Key features of Automotive CRM

    • Manage prospect & customer information
    • Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
    • Create & capture sales leads from all touch-points : Showroom, Internet, Call center, etc.
    • Manage and schedule follow-up sales calls
    • Monitor sales person-wise targets

    For 160+ features of Automotive CRM

Banking CRM

  • Businesses in the Banking Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Business Banks
    • Commercial Banks
    • Community Banks
    • Community Development Banks
    • Credit Unions or Co-operative Banks
    • Private Banking, providing wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals and families
    • Investment Banking, relating to activities on the financial markets
    • Merchant Banks
    • Offshore Banks
    • Corporate Banking, directed at large business entities
    • Private Banks
    • Retail Banking, dealing directly with individuals and small businesses
    • Savings Banks
    • Other businesses in the Banking industry

    Does your Banking business face these problems?

    • Difficulty in setting and monitoring sales targets & sales performance of your organizations and branches
    • Inability to track, manage and nurture leads
    • Losing out on walk-in leads with irregular follow-ups
    • More drop-outs than conversions
    • Not being able to keep client records, easily store & access big data

    5 Key features of Banking CRM

    • Manage leads and prospects information
    • Forecast leads weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
    • Manage all leads on a single platform across various channels of acquisition
    • Provide actionable insights to decision making
    • Boost results by measuring and improving critical sales performance indicators

    For 100+ features of Banking CRM


  • Businesses in the BPO Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Banking BPO
    • Contact Centre (business) - Call centre
    • Other businesses in the BPO industry

    Does your BPO business face these problems?

    • Inability to set sales targets and monitor sales performance
    • Bad customer service expereinces due to bad data management
    • Slow services and longer response time
    • Lesser on-call sales
    • Losing track of all the sales done
    • Not knowing your BPO's sales in real-time
    • Not having a database of all client calls and enquiries

    5 Key features of BPO CRM

    • Give sales reps, managers, and execs everything they need to close leads
    • Close more leads faster
    • Gain real-time visibility into sales
    • Centralise lead Information
    • Everything you need to know about your prospects - all in one place

    For 80+ features of BPO CRM

Education CRM

  • Businesses in the Education Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Business Schools
    • Educational Support Services
    • Technical & Trade Schools
    • International Schools
    • Junior Colleges
    • Management Institutes
    • Overseas Education Consultants
    • Colleges
    • Private Educational Institutes
    • Professional Higher Education
    • Professional Schools
    • Coaching Classes for Vocational Training
    • Technical Schools
    • Universities
    • Vocational Schools
    • Vocational University
    • Other businesses in the Education industry

    Does your Education business face these problems?

    • Inability to set sales targets and monitor sales performance
    • Wrong requirement gathering
    • Bad tracking & managing student enquiries
    • Inability to assign leads and follow-up prospects effectively
    • Slow conversions of leads to clients
    • Messy quoting and following up processes
    • Unsecure data storage and difficult access
    • Not being able to leverage existing student records

    5 Key features of Education CRM

    • Centralise Student Information
    • Manage student enquiries and courses enquired
    • Use categories to group leads i.e. students, course wise leads, region-wise leads, sales person-wise leads, source wise leads
    • Manage student enrolment information
    • Maximize student admission efficiently

    For 100+ features of Education CRM

Financial Services CRM

  • Businesses in the Financial Services Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Finance Companies as part of non-banking finance
    • Financial Services Companies that handle Mutual Funds, Equity & Derivatives
    • Fire Insurance
    • Foreign Exchange Services
    • Health Insurance Companies
    • Insurance Companies providing Insurance brokerage, Stock brokerage, Life, Health & Property, and Casualty Insurance Companies
    • Intermediation or Advisory Services
    • Investment Services
    • Investment Services involved in Investment management, Hedge fund management & custody services
    • Leasing Companies
    • Life Insurance Companies
    • Property Insurance
    • Other businesses in the Financial Services industry

    Does your Financial Services business face these problems?

    • Failure to set sales targets and monitor sales performance
    • Tracking, managing and servicing leads
    • Losing clients due to irregular follow-ups
    • Not getting detailed reports to strategize in real-time
    • Inefficient ability to expand your clientele
    • Losing client data & information access

    5 Key features of Financial Services CRM

    • Add & know your product details
    • Track follow ups: Past & Scheduled
    • Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
    • Increase wallet share
    • Monitor sales person wise targets

    For 100+ features of Financial Services CRM

Healthcare CRM

  • Businesses in the Healthcare Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Dental Clinics
    • Eye Clinics
    • Fitness Centers
    • Gyms
    • Manufacturing of any Healthcare products, machinery & furniture
    • Manufacturing of Drugs
    • Manufacturing of Medical Equipment
    • Manufacturing of Needles & Syringes
    • Medical Lab & Diagnostic Center
    • Medical Tourism or Medical Travel, Health Tourism or Global Healthcare providers
    • Physiotherapy Center
    • Retail Pharmacy Business
    • Retailers of Fitness Equipment
    • Retailers of Fitness Equipment
    • Retailing of Medical Equipment
    • Spas
    • Other businesses in the Healthcare industry

    Does your Healthcare business face these problems?

    • Manage your patient / client data efficiently
    • Monitoring sales performance of your enterprise, branches and sales people
    • Failure to track lead data , manage and service prospects
    • Irregular follow-ups
    • Difficulty in increasing your patient pool
    • Inability to monitor sales activites of all sales executives & branches
    • Improper storage & access of patient data
    • Improper settting of sales targets for fitness centres, physiotherapy, healthcare clinics, etc
    • Unclear insights into your real-time sales

    5 Key features of Healthcare CRM

    • Centralise Patient Information
    • Patient appointments
    • Patient diagnosis
    • Store patient scanned reports & documents
    • Patient medical history, add details & attach documents

    For 100+ features of Healthcare CRM

Hotel CRM

  • Businesses in the Hotel Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • B&B Hotels (Bed & Breakfast Hotels)
    • Business Hotels
    • Convention and Conference Hotels
    • Full Service Hotels
    • Historic inns and Boutique Hotels
    • Leisure Centers
    • Motels
    • Luxury Hotels & Hotel Chains
    • Other speciality Hotels & Hotel Franchisee
    • Resort Hotels
    • Suite Hotels
    • Travel Agencies
    • Travel Agencies who do MICE
    • Upscale
    • Other businesses in the Hotel industry

    Does your Hotel business face these problems?

    • Loosely managing and servicing of leads
    • Following-up clients irregularly
    • Getting more new and return customers
    • Inability to maintain & leverage contacts with clients
    • Loss of client data
    • Improper managemet of hotels & hotel room specifications
    • Not having detailed reports for sales in real-time

    5 Key features of Hotel CRM

    • Set & Achieve Revenue Targets
    • Automated speedy follow-ups
    • Sales Forecasts: Weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
    • Monitor & make productive sales teams
    • Increase volumes of lead conversions

    For 100+ features of Hotel CRM

Import Export CRM

Insurance CRM


  • Businesses in the IT Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Design Studios
    • Hardware Companies
    • IT Services Companies
    • SEO Services Companies
    • Software Development Companies
    • Web Designing Companies
    • Web Development Companies
    • Other businesses in the IT industry

    Does your IT business face these problems?

    • Unable to set sales targets and know the sales performance
    • Disorganized follow-ups and lead management
    • Not creating, sending and following up quotations
    • Lack of effective lead conversion
    • Scattered data and failure to access
    • Not leveraging real-time data for crucial decision making

    5 Key features of IT CRM

    • Centralised storage of data & contacts
    • Quality CRM Integration
    • Customisable & Flexible Architecture
    • Online and central hosting
    • Strong & streamlined communication

    For 100+ features of IT CRM

Jewellery CRM

Logistics CRM

Manufacturing CRM

  • Businesses in the Manufacturing Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Agriculture equipments & machinery Manufacturing Companies
    • Apparel Manufacturing Companies
    • Automobile Manufacturers
    • Automobile Parts Manufacturing Companies
    • Building / Construction Equipment Manufacturers
    • Ceramics Manufacturers
    • Chemical Manufacturers
    • Chemicals & Fertilizer Manufacturing Companies
    • Clothing Manufacturers
    • Computer Manufacturing Companies
    • Cookware Manufacturing Companies
    • Crane Manufacturers
    • Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
    • Electrical Goods Manufacturing Companies
    • Electronic Appliance Manufacturing Companies
    • Food Manufacturers
    • Healthcare Products Manufacturers
    • HVAC Manufacturing Companies
    • Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers
    • IT hardware Manufacturing Companies
    • IT machine Manufacturing Companies
    • Jewellery Manufacturers
    • Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers
    • Luggage Manufacturers
    • Medical Equipment and Instrument Manufacturers
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies
    • Plastics Companies
    • Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Companies
    • Ship-building Companies
    • Shipbuilding Manufacturing Companies
    • Sports Goods Manufacturers
    • Steel Refining Companies
    • Textile Manufacturing Companies
    • Textiles Manufacturers
    • Tool Manufacturing Companies
    • Toy Manufacturing Companies
    • Other businesses in the Manufacturing industry

    Does your Manufacturing business face these problems?

    • Vague sales targets and monitoring sales performance
    • Lost deals due to not following up leads regularly
    • Evasion of lead conversions
    • Complex & lengthy quotation creating phases
    • Unclear business strategies due to lack of substantial sales data
    • Loss of client data

    5 Key features of Manufacturing CRM

    • Add & know your product details
    • Track follow ups: Past & Scheduled
    • Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
    • Monitor sales person wise / agent wise targets
    • Never miss a lead follow up

    For 100+ features of Manufacturing CRM

Media & Advertising CRM

Real Estate CRM

  • Businesses in the Real Estate Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • Commercial Real Estate Builders
    • Facilities Management Providers
    • Project Management Consultants
    • Real Estate Agencies
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Real Estate Brokers
    • Real Estate Builders
    • Real Estate Construction Companies
    • Real Estate Developers
    • Real Estate Financing Companies
    • Real Estate Investors
    • Real Estate Marketing Companies
    • Real Estate Material Suppliers
    • Real Estate Retailers
    • Residential Real Estate Builders
    • Other businesses in the Real Estate industry

    Does your Real Estate business face these problems?

    • Not knowing your Real Estate business revenue and profits
    • Inability to track site visits and induce further lead persuasion
    • Not following up enquiries regularly
    • Slow flat / property sales
    • Clueless about sales activities of sales people and brokers
    • Having scattered project, lead and client data
    • Not having access to sales statistics of your business

    5 Key features of Real Estate CRM

    • Add Property details & know Property Stock
    • Monitor sales person wise targets
    • Track site visits: Past & Scheduled
    • Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
    • Never miss to follow up leads

    For 180+ features of Real Estate CRM

Travel CRM

  • Businesses in the Travel Industry our CRM is applicable for

    • MICE (Meetings Incentives Conference & Exhibitions) Travel Companies
    • Tour Operators
    • Travel Agencies
    • Travel Agencies that undertake MICE (Meetings Incentives Conference & Exhibitions)
    • Travel Agents
    • Upscale Luxury Hotels & Hotel Chains
    • B&B Hotels (Bed & Breakfast Hotels)
    • Boutique Hotel Chains
    • Boutique Tour Operators
    • Business Hotels
    • Convention and Conference Hotels
    • Customized Tour Operators / Agents
    • Fixed Tour Operators / Agents
    • Full Service Hotels
    • Historic inns and Boutique Hotels
    • Hotel Chains
    • Leisure Centers
    • Luxury Travel Agencies
    • Motels
    • Other speciality Hotels & Hotel Franchisee
    • Resort Hotels
    • Suite Hotels
    • Other businesses in the Travel industry

    Does your Travel business face these problems?

    • Chaotic creation & management of travel packages, itineraries, bookings, clients, etc.
    • Faulty management of hotel bookings, commissions, payments receivable, sales and more
    • Lack of efficient management of your website, tour packages, bookings & hotels
    • Difficulty in processing payments and monitoring agents, sub agents, etc.
    • Mismanaging leads, clients, communications and meetings
    • Not knowing the exact scenario of your business
    • Missing out on leads due to irregular follow-ups
    • Messy commission handling of agents and sales people

    3 Key features of Travel Itinerary Management Software

    • Create an itinerary in a two step process
    • View downloadable itinerary details
    • You can also view the costing of itineraries in different currencies

    6 Key features of Hotel Booking Business Software

    • Add and select hotel details, room and banquet categories
    • Maintain records of your contacts for a company and hotel
    • Store client details and manage booking
    • Manage and save details of bookings made and their status
    • Create commission sheets for hotels on payments receivable
    • Real-time reports to track your revenue, bookings and commissions

    5 Key features of Travel Itinerary Business Software

    • Manage your website
    • Online tour booking for clients
    • Complete tour package management
    • Management and provision of customer cards and tour guides
    • Comprehensive key business reports

    5 Key features of General Travel CRM Software

    • Manage, track, monitor leads & their sources
    • Following-up with leads efficiently with call, email, meeting & SMS
    • Generate multiple contracts & track expiry
    • Approval flow for contracts
    • Manage corporate customers business easily

    For 300+ features of Travel CRM

General CRM

  • 10 Key features of General CRM

    • Track & Achieve your Revenue Target
    • Monitor sales person wise targets
    • Forecast your sales
    • Create winning quotations
    • Sales follow up
    • Close more deals faster
    • Get a 360 degree view of your leads & customers
    • Grow sales faster
    • Works on Desktop, Tablet & Phone
    • Dashboard & Reports

    For 110+ features of General CRM

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software FAQs

How secure is my data in the CRM?

  • Ans: The critical data for eg: Numbers, Email IDs, Phone numbers, etc. are encrypted in very secure encryption methods so that even anyone who is having access to the database would find it very difficult to decrypt data.
    The code is also encrypted to make sure that no one can fidget with it.

Do you provide a Mobile App?

  • Ans: Our CRM application works perfectly fine on the latest smart phones, tablets & desktops, and is completely responsive.

Can the CRM be customized?

  • Ans: Yes, we can customize the CRM to a certain extent.

Can the CRM be hosted on my server?

  • Ans: Yes, this is subject to the number of users required.
    Kindly contact our solution architect for more details.

How many days would it take for the CRM implementation?

  • Ans: The time would depend on various factors eg: "Are there any customizations?", "Which hosting option have you picked?", "Are there any extra reports required?", etc. A timeline could be given only after the above questions are answered.

Can the CRM be integrated with other softwares?

  • Ans: Yes, this is subject to what kind of integration is required.
    Kindly contact our solution architect for more details.

Can you customize the reports as per my needs?

  • Ans: Any extra reports can be added, the existing ones can not be changed. You can refer our demo to see all the reports.

Can the CRM integrate with my existing Email / SMS vendor?

  • Ans: No, we have a vendor for Email / SMS.
    Kindly contact our solution architect for more details.

How do you charge for the CRM?

  • Ans: There is a one time cost that covers the first year support and maintenance. After one year there would be hosting, support and maintenance charges.

What are the technical specifications of the CRM?

  • Ans: Our CRM is built on open source technologies, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Would the CRM work on macOS / Linux / Windows Operating Systems?

  • Ans: Yes, the CRM would work on all the latest versions of macOS / Linux / Windows operating systems.

How would you provide support?

  • Ans: We have a support ticketing process as given below:
    - You raise a support ticket
    - Our support team would solve your issue

    We also provide phone support from Monday to Friday between 10 am - 6 pm. We provide free support for the first year.

    For 24 * 7 live support, you would be charged extra.

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Office Numbers
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